We would like to offer congratulations on the issuance of the Journal of Tourism Economics, Policy and Hospitality Management, an online publication on tourism. We also pay tribute to the labors rendered by the Faculty of Economics at Yamaguchi University and those who are involved in the editorial and managerial work. We are also pleased to see advancement of an environment where academic publications on tourism are transmitted to the world through this web journal. We have a high hope that the present enterprise by Yamaguchi University will become a driving force for the global development of academic research on tourism and also a valuable vehicle for researchers domestic and overseas to publish their outstanding papers. The present journal is targeted for a wide readership including researchers and educators in the fields of tourism business management, economics, tourism statistics, environment, and law as well as corporate parties in the tourism industry. We will find it most fortunate if those engaged in tourism research and industry make use of the journal for the purpose of promoting academic research on tourism as well as for the advancement of the world’s tourism industry.

May, 2013